Beautiful Facial Oil

Beautiful Facial Oil

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A harmonic arrangement of high quality essential oils, and deep penetrating carrier oils, that nourish the deep and surface levels of the epidermis. Restoring a natural glow and radiant fresh look to the face and neck. Made with love and gratitude in small batches, ideal for day and night time use. Contains sea buckthorn, rose hip seed oil ( natures retina A ), borage oil, jojoba oil, vitamin e, tea tree, geranium oil, lavender oil, helichrysum oil, german chamomile oil , jasmine oil, bergamot ( bergaptene free) I use mine every morning, I also use a hydrosol as a toner to tighten my pores. 


plant based

We do not use any animal fats, chemical emulsifiers, sulfates, petroleum products, synthetics, dyes, formaldehyde, parabens, synthetic fragrances or palm oil. 

We do not participate in any form of animal cruelty. 

Enjoy! Comes in a 1 ounce glass bottle with a pump.



wash face and apply toner such as hydrosol, place 1 to 2 drops on your palms rub together and massage into face and neck.

If you are extremely sensitive do not go past orbits of the eyes ( may slightly sting eyes if you do)

Use this in place of facial cream.

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