Isis Purifying Mist

Isis Purifying Mist

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ISIS purifying mist is our go to room, aura, and energy purifying mist. all of the amazing cleansing energy of purifying smudge, but without the smoke. Which can be difficult to do in small spaces such as healing rooms. Wonderful to cleanse your crystals of unwanted negative vibrations. 

​contains, wildcrafted artemisia absinthium ( wormwood sage) , common sage, white buffalo sage, and palo santo.


give a spritz or two to cleanse negative unwanted energy, set the intention to clear the room of all unwanted vibration.

available in a 2 ounce frosted glass bottle. ( ** during the extreme cold this product may be shipped in a plastic bottle**)

​We do not use any animal fats, chemical emulsifiers, sulfates, petroleum products, synthetics, dyes, formaldehyde, parabens, synthetic fragrances or palm oil. 

We do not participate in any form of animal cruelty. Please recycle this bottle.

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