MOON Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil

MOON Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil

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Lets balance our hormones during our moon time. Hormone balancing essential oils such as clary sage, vitex, geranium. The anti inflamatory action of blue yarrow, soften and uplift your mood with lavender.

NPHN# 80080993 ( natural health product number)


10 mls roll on vial.


Rub on wrists and across lower abdomen to help alleviate cramping, and heavy menstrual flow. rub between hands and place over nose , smell the oils to calm the central nervous system.

plant based

We do not use any animal fats, chemical emulsifiers, sulfates, 

petroleum products, synthetics, dyes, formaldehyde, parabens, 

synthetic fragrances or palm oil. 

We do not participate in any form of animal cruelty.

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